Mrs Clementina Kumin Bianchi, an exceptional woman, mother of the foundation board members Laura and Natalia, is the spiritual and material parent of « AClem foundation ». Mrs Kumin passed away on January 11, 1999 after a long illness and wished to entrust some of her wealth to the cause of poor children and suffering people. The foundation is named after her and was born because of her will expressed two weeks before her passing : a living bond with her daughters. An inheritance far more than financial … Clementina was a principled woman, beatiful and joyful, even if suffering was not a stranger in her life : Widow of Enrico at age of 40 she found support in a newly found faith, a spiritual hand, which followed her in the following 20 years. She devoted her life to her daughters, to her family, to literature, and to the least fortunate. The poignancy of her thoughts and the universality of her values are reflected in her writings, which she left us in her last will.

Since 1999, Laura and Rosario devote much of their time to furthering this cause which is integrated in their daily private and professional activities. It is thanks to the latter that Rosario was able implement a winning strategy aimed at providing a strong financial foundation to ACLEM and its mission. As of now, 55% of funds utilized each year to support the projects are personally donated by Laura and Rosario. An art company, Attica Art, has been created for the very purpose (see ethical links) of helping the 150 orphans of “Little Angels” in Uganda and the sixty Myanmar children feed themselves, obtain an education, and cure themselves. These are powerful means to reconnect with one’s human core.

Tassilo, Damiano and Leandro (Rosario’s grown-up sons) actively help AClem Foundation with fundraising and volunteer work.

In 2013, an “angel” joined the foundation; her name is Céline Gelli, a generous humanitarian professional who has taken over the operational direction of all projects on site and from Switzerland.

We all cultivate AClem’s values: hope, compassion and action.

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A family spirit


It is said that travel broadens the mind. It also nourishes it and keeps you young. Rosario Boscacci, born on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1950, is a fine example of this proverb in action. Self-taught, as he likes to introduce himself, with a full and generous temperament, Rosario often reminds his friends that his successes and rebounds owe not to his diligence as a student, initially tumultuous and ultimately international, with time spent in locations such as Wiesbaden, Rome and Cambridge. He was born with the temperament of a carrier pigeon, always traveling following eclectic passions: ethnology, Africa, cinema and film production, art collection, poetry and the very process of creation in all its messy and glorious details.

It’s therefore not at all surprising that Rosario made a career as an entrepreneur,  focusing on real estate development.  Independent, cantankerous, and rebellious, this original individual with an admittedly “adventurous life”, is free of conventional modesty but possesses that natural elegance that comes with this attitude. An artist at heart, creative, but also “procreative” (he was the parent of five), Rosario enjoys life, love, adventure and money as sources for his artistic madness and for his steadily renewed generosity.



Laura Boscacci Kuemin is a mother of two children. Three, if you include her partner Rosario, an entrepreneur whose success and apparent seriousness hide a playful and humanist mind. Their youngest child, Zeno Ayrton, was born in 2006, six years after his older brother Evandro Enrico. Laura and Rosario love children (he has already 3 sons from two previous marriages). This is also why in 2000 they gave birth to another baby, the AClem Foundation. That was Laura’s mother last will, before she died in 1999. Mrs Clementina Kuemin wished to entrust some of her wealth to the cause of alleviating the suffering, whatever it might be, of the youngest and weakest.

Laura, who turned 47 in 2016, walks in her mother’s footsteps. She rushes to the underprivileged’s aid with consistency and persistence. Her political science background, followed by two masters (one in European Law and one in International Administration) gave her a solid base. Laura has also traveled extensively, particularly in Asia, while working in touristic and economic promotion. This has further strengthened her awareness of her own privileged life and of the importance of sharing.  Because the driving force behind Laura is first and foremost her heart. And humor is her safety valve. Between two pregnancies, ask her how she is doing, she will tell you: I lost 6 kilos ! With the help of foundation president Rosario, AClem has really taken off. A will comes true.




Professor, mathematician, researcher, inventor, analyst, photographer, swimmer, hiker, cyclist, skier, world traveler and citizen, polyglot, proud father and husband, information devourer, organizer, fighter, leader, nature lover, great observer, no-nonsense, unassuming and realist. Has had extended living and working experiences in a variety of cultures, cherishes diversity and openness of mind, deeply knows and is fascinated by human nature. He is the father of three wonderful daughters and deeply cherishes his relationships with them. He strongly believes that every child has the right to grow in a sheltered and loving environment into a responsible and balanced adult. Unfortunately many children do not have this luxury. It is therefore imperative that we all do as much as is in our power and possibilities to help those who need us most. As a university professor, he is particularly sensitive to the issue of access to education which, more often than not, is the fundamental prerequisite to a better life.


Natalia Guidotti first understood the fundamental and irreplaceable importance of the relationship between a parent and her children when she gave up a promising career to care for her mother, then sick for some years, during her last years of life. The experience profoundly transformed her  and led to her dedication, in the spirit of her mother, to helping  children in need, particularly those who don’t have the financial,  familial and emotional resources that her family was blessed to have. Natalia is a devoted parent, wife and friend whose kindness touches all who meet her. As a mother of three daughters she is constantly confronting the challenges of raising children in a culture that all too often values them, particularly girls, as objects. Her efforts are spent trying to establish a healthy medium between her native Swiss culture and her adopted American one, and to use the best strands of both cultures and traditions to help educate  children to become well-centered and successful adults, and to help  adults to remember how important it is to focus loving attention on  their children.


A graduate of the Glion Hotel School with a passion for travel, her career continuously takes her to the four corners of the globe. After two professional years in Buenos Aires, fate brought Céline to the roots of her childhood in Villars-sur-Ollon. As Director of Marketing & Admissions, she has worked for 11 years in the art of communication and public relations for a private school of international renown. This wonderful adventure allows her to defend the values of education, both in a prestigious establishment for the benefit of the most privileged families, and through humanitarian projects for underprivileged children in India, Africa and South America.

In August 2013, Celine crossed paths with of Laura & Rosario. Their meeting gave birth to a trip to Uganda allowing her to discover, among others, Little Angels Orphanage; her compassionate and entrepreneurial nature immediately seduced Laura and Rosario, and Céline agreed to take the operational direction of all AClem projects aside her full time job in the field of private education. Her involvement with AClem is simultaneously a source of energy and of devotion. “It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle” – Celine’s life is a great adventure through meaningful experiences in worlds where sometimes realities are contrasting, but where she enjoys doing things seriously without taking herself seriously.




Laurence grandit en Suisse avec depuis toujours, cette envie d’aller « voir ailleurs » qui la mènera à vivre en Allemagne, en Angleterre puis en Thaïlande. Après l’obtention de son diplôme de l’Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, c’est au sein de Nestlé qu’elle débutera sa carrière professionnelle dans le domaine commercial. De nature créative et dynamique, Laurence se réalise dans la peinture et se défoule dans la course à pied.

Toujours en quête de grands horizons, c’est lors d’un voyage à Madagascar qu’elle découvre l’Afrique et pour cette grande passionnée de nature et d’aventure la magie du continent noir opère instantanément. En 2017, elle quitte Nestlé pour se lancer dans l’aventure d’une vie sur les routes africaines au volant de son 4×4 jusqu’à sa rencontre avec la fondation AClem en Ouganda. Un nouveau chapitre commence alors pour soutenir mais aussi tout simplement vivre les beaux projets d’AClem tout d’abord à Little Angels et EKO en Ouganda, puis à Aloha Orphanage en Birmanie et finalement dans les bungalows d’Odile au Vanuatu.

Touchée par ses belles rencontres et grandie par ces expériences extraordinaires, Laurence rentre avec un nouveau regard et remplie de cette nouvelle philosophie : « L’esprit s’enrichit de ce qu’il reçoit, le cœur de ce qu’il donne ».



Mr. JEAN-CLAUDE BIVER, Montreux, www.lvmh.fr

Mr. DAMIANO BOSCACCI, Lausanne, www.soulkoffi.com

Mr. TASSILO BOSCACCI, Lausanne, boscaccitassilo@gmail.com

Mr. LEANDRO BOSCACCI, Lausanne, l_boscacci@hotmail.com

Mr. CHRISTIAN CONSTANTIN, Martigny-Croix, www.christian-constantin.ch

Mr. ALAIN DELAMURAZ, Paudex, www.blancpain.com

Mr. PATRICK DELARIVE, Pully, www.delarive.com

Mr. FERNAND DONNET, Lausanne, www.sophoshotels.com

Mr. MARIO FETZ, Thoiry, France – international expert in the NGO/ non-for-profit sector, fetzmario@gmail.com

DR. MARIE-CHRISTINE GAILLOUD-MATTHIEU, Lausanne, www.chirurgieplastique.ch

Mrs. LAURENCE HALIFI, Lonay, www.glassconcept.ch

Mr. ANTOINE HUBERT, Genolier, www.gsmn.ch

Mr. PIERRE HUBER, Genève, www.artpublic.ch

Mr. DOMINIQUE MAILLARD, Lausanne, www.banquemigros.ch

Mr. PASCAL MICHALET, Lausanne, www.fideo.ch

Mr.MICHEL MONOD, Chexbres, monod@notaires-associes.ch

Mr. GABRIELE ROSSI, Pully, www.archilab.ch

Mr. JEAN SCHMIDT, Lausanne, JSchmidt@pbslaw.ch

Mr. JEAN-YVES SCHMIDHAUSER, Genève – Pully, www.sja.ch

DR. JEANNE SENLY-ZRYD, Lausanne – pediatrician

Mr. PHILIPPE SUBILIA, Grandvaux, www.swisskubik.com




2017: Works in progress in Vanuatu, Myanmar & Uganda

2016: Uganda Chf 65’746, Myanmar Chf 47’174 & others Chf 4’520

2015 : Uganda U$ 23000, Myanmar U$ 24800,

Pape refugee in Italy Chf 900, Hospital Cuba U$ 1000

2014: Uganda U$ 30700, Myanmar U$ 27860

2013: Uganda, U$ 11000, Myanmar U$ 5000

2012: Uganda U$ 6500, Myanmar U$ 10000

2010: Myanmar Chf 11000

2007,2011: Uganda Chf 16000

2006: Tsunami, Thailand Chf 6250

Alzheimer therapeutic center,Ticino Chf 700

Pediatric eye disease,Morocco Chf 40000

Help deportation Cuban mother Chf 4500

2005: Orphanage & school Madagascar Chf 8000

2004: Charity foundation Prince Charles, India Chf 52000

2003 : Hippotherapy disabled kids, France Chf 39000

2002: A job for a Moroccan man, Marrakech Chf 2000

2001: Construction of water wells, Cambodia Chf 5000

2000:  Clowns for children in hospital Chf 5000, a Hospital for untouchables, India Chf 5000



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Many people and companies share the vision of our foundation’s President and believe like him that change lies above all in action and in personal & financial involvement. AClem is sincerely indebted and grateful to all these men and women for their generosity in time and/or donations, not to forget those who wish to remain in the shadow… . Non-exhaustive list :

  • Céline Gelli, CH – Villars-sur-Ollon,  celinegelli@gmail.com
    Director of AClem’s charity Projects
  • David Baluku, Entebbe, Ouganda, www.clwo.orgdavid@clwo.org
    Pro-Bono local Chief of Projects in Uganda, implementing all AClem activities – Tourist Guide, “safari man”,  www.kifarutravelafrica.com
  • Ma Lay, Taunggyi, Myanmar, maylay115@gmail.com
    Pro-Bono local Chief of Projects  in Myanmar implementing all AClem activities – Tourist Guide & Professor 
  • Damiano Boscacci, CH – Lausanne, soulkoffi@hotmail.com
    Volunteer, spending his vacation time for inspections and works in the Uganda projects 
  • Leandro Boscacci, CH – Lausanne, l_boscacci@hotmail.com
    Volunteer, spending his vacation time for inspections and works in the Myanmar projects 
  • Tassilo Boscacci, CH – Lausanne, boscaccitassilo@gmail.com
    Volunteer, spending his vacation time for inspections and works in the Uganda projects 
  • Zeno Boscacci, CH – St-Sulpice
    Volunteer (7 years old in 2013), visits and games with orphans in Myanmar
  • Evandro Boscacci, CH – St-Sulpice, travelling and operational support in Switzerland
  • Laurence Hurter, CH – Pully, Volunteer – Chief of project travelling around AClem’s project  
  • Tiziana Chou Boscacci, CH – Lausanne, Volunteer, spending her vacation time for inspections and works in Uganda projects
  • Lucie Murta Coutinho, F – Les Rousses, luci-cout@hotmail.fr
    Volunteer spending her vacation time for an inspection in Myanmar
  • Charles-Henri Olloz, CH – Lausanne
    Actif donor
  • Fondation Leyvraz & Etude Jean Schmidt, CH – Lausanne
    Actif donor
  • Farmacia Chiesa SA, CH – Chiasso
    Oldest corporate donor since 1999
  • Jan-Autos (Riviera) SA, Michel Humbert, Suzanne Roth, CH – St-Légier,

          Corporate donor and ethic partner with each car sold by the group 

  • La Garenne International School, CH – Villars-sur-Ollon, www.la-garenne.ch
    Corporate donor and partner in education
  • Beau Rivage Palace, François Dussart, CH – Lausanne, www.beau-rivage.ch
    Actif partner through a business collaboration with AClem’s affiliated company, Attica Art 
  • Lisa Pappon & Marcus Bull, Hambourg , www.bullstein.com
    Donateurs corporate via www.atticaart.ch, affiliée d’AClem
  • Attica Pro, Alberto & Daniela Moreira, CH – Préverenges, CH -, a.padrela@hotmail.com
    Pro-Bono activities for Aclem‘s real estate and for its affiliated Attica Art
  • Xuan Rocheteau, Mark Levine and Patrick Guidotti, California, Irvine
    Pro-Bono full translation of the new AClem’s website
  • Variante Visual Communication, Davide Guidotti, CH – Bellinzona, www.variante.ch
    Pro-Brno creation of AClem’s logo
  • Maître Michel Monod, CH – Chexbrex, Lausanne, Savigny
    Pro-Bono layer and notary for AClem’s real estate
  • Fideo SA, Pascal Michalet, CH – Lausanne, pascal.michalet@fideo.ch
    Pro-Bono accountant of AClem activities and finance
  • Fidag SA, Daniel Emery, CH – Crans Montana, www.fidag-sa.ch
    Pro-Bono accountant
  • Intervoyages Villeneuve, Elisabeth Mo, CH – Villeneuve, elisabeth@intervoyages.ch
    Actif partner for the opening of the Burma project
  • Banque Migros, direction romande, CH – Lausanne
    Preferred bank interests for AClem’s real estate
  • Banque UBS, direction romande, CH – Lausanne
    Corporate donor
  • Carrosserie Saint-Martin Promartin SA, M. Lopez & M. Espi, CH Villars-Ste-Croix, 021-3234816
    Donation through  www.atticaart.ch, AClem affiliated company
  • Chantal Pittet, CH – Mies, chantalpittet@bluemail.ch
    Communication and pro-bono analyse of projects
  • Olivier Fragnière, Verbel SA, CH – Lausanne
    Corporate donor
  • Jean-Francis Godat, CH – Lausanne
    Corporate donor
  • Nicolas Tardin, Lutry
    Corporate donor
  • Dr. Marie-Christine Gailloud-Mathieu, CH – Lausanne
    Corporate donor
  • Michel Juillerat Immobilier SA, CH – Sion, michel.juillerat@bluewin.ch
    Corporate donor
  • Atelier Vert Pomme, Rhounim Abou Bakr, CH – Prévérenges, www.atelier-vert-pome.com
    Pro-Bono web site creation
  • Patrick Pasche, CH – Lausanne, www.patrickpasche.net
    Pro-Bono Facebook account creation
  • Vox Infantis, CH – Lausanne, www.voxinfantis.org
    Partner and Friend Association
  • Maître Jean-Marc Emery, notaire, CH – Morges
    Renonciation aux honoraires sur l’acquisition d’un appartement destiné à générer des revenus locatifs entièrement alloués à la fondation
  • Maître Bernard Rossetti, notaire, CH – Vevey
    Pro Bono notary services during the acquisition of an apartment the rental of which benefits the “AClem foundation”.
  • Comune de Morges, Municipalité, CH – Morges
    50% discount on the transfer duties of a real estate investment benefiting “AClem foundation”
  • Ms Invest, M. Samy Maman, CH – Le Mont
    Donor for a project in India


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