The culture of Vanuatu is strongly marked by the Melanesian origins of the majority of the inhabitants. With the contemporary evolution, the local populations wished to preserve their inheritance. This way of life revolves around the village, the family and agriculture. Its history is fascinating, with a huge variety of people settling there, there is a mix of beliefs, and traditions. There are 120 different languages ​​spoken, French and English being also official languages. Shy and reserved, Ni-Vanuatu attach great importance to customs.

Odile, our meeting in the heart of Vanuatu

The meeting with Odile took place in summer 2016 during a trip to the Pacific Islands that started in Vanuatu. The Boscacci family stayed there for a week in a huge Banian tree, a concept created by Odile, a French expatriate for many years.

Odile has traveled the world by boat and knows all the islands; she chose Vanuatu to settle down and turned her childhood into a dream of building and living in a tree house.

AClem’s project to finance the construction of a few additional houses in the trees whose net tourist revenues would be devoted to a local humanitarian project, immediately seduced Odile, who in Vanuatu is already known for her spontaneous and voluntary actions.

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