Our projects

We believe in order to really make a difference, a one-off approach won’t work. That’s why our work is based around five pillars.

Education: The good news is more children than ever are going to school in Abéné. Unfortunately, the school can’t cope. Find out how we’re equipping teachers and classrooms to educate the next generation.

Energy: Abéné is bathed in sunshine 8 hours a day. All the village needs is the technology to turn this into electricity. Learn about our partnership with the cofounder of Planet Solar and how we’re going to make this happen.

Employment: There are two main sources of employment in Abéné – fishing and artisanal work. We’re working to open up more opportunities for more people in the village.

Health: Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right and yet one that not everyone enjoys. Read more about what we’re doing to protect the wellbeing of Abéné.

Exchange: We have so much to learn from the people around us. Discover how we facilitate this exchange of information – enriching and expanding outlooks and learning from each other’s differences.

This is just the beginning.

Join us on our journey of building bridges, learning and sharing. Work with us to empower the people of Abéné – helping them take advantage of the wealth of resources around them.

Lighting Up Lives

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