Authentic message from Myanmar


Authentic message received from Malay, our volunteer Chief of Project in Myanmar ” Geraldine and Antoine Family. We accepted your great presents this morning. Now April is Burmese New Year ! We wish you good luck and success whatever you and your lovely people do. Be more healthy, happy and…

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Gifts for Myanmar


Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors who has prepared a largebox to send to our orphans in Inle Lake in Myanmar (ex Burma). Shoes, cookies and pencil cases ?

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Lovely smiles from our kids in Myanmar

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Rosario visits Aloha orphanage



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Myanmar happy news…


Some photos received from Malay, our local coordinator, who show us by the happiness and the well-being of the children a perfectly healthy and joyous environment at the orphanage …      

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Latest mission in Myanmar


Check out a few pictures brought back from our volunteer, Laurence Hurter, of her last mission in Myanmar PICTURES

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Visit of Laurence in Myanmar !


22Amazing get-together of our new volunteer from Switzerland, Laurence, and the children supported by the foundation in Burma. Laurence will stay for 6 weeks to help our local chief to progress with the project of the orphanage and school that AClem is supporting on the “Golden Land” !

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Congratulations to the kids for their exams…


Children in Myanmar have passed their final school exams successfully. One of the girls, Sein Pan, even got credits as her results were high. Our dear local coordinator organised a special meal and shared with them this important moment in their school life. They danced, sang and enjoyed an unforgettable day.

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A brand new orphanage in Myanmar…

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Construction in progress in Myanmar


The orphanage construction in Myanmar is in garer progress…

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And on the side of Myanmar…


Our local coordinator in Myanmar is on the construction site. Now they have done the roof and will use metallic zinc sheets. The outside structure of the house is almost done. The difficult part will start very soon: Toilet, bathroom, dinning area, water tank, flooring, etc. All these will start…

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Fresh news from the Inle lake


Works are in great progress in the region of the Inle Lake in Myanmar for the new project of the Birmese orphans and children of AClem.

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New orphanage in Myanmar


The construction of the new project in Myanmar – an orphanage for 20 children and a school open to the public – started at the end of 2016. News from the field will be sent regularly by our local coordinator, who puts all her energy and heart into new “baby”.

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Happy Christmas in Myanmar


Message from our local coordinator: “We had a nice holiday with the kids.They have never been to Kalaw Ayethya, never seen aeroplane and Heho dam railway station. I brought them to the airport and visited famous temple. Also we spent the night in Aloha Villa for a Christmas party giving Christmas…

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Thank You


“It is better to light a candle rather than to sit in the dark” – Dr. Jack Preger. On behalf of AClem, thank you for lighting a candle for all the children of the foundation (Thanks) Thanks to all of you, the future projects of the foundation are born and will…

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Burmese smiles…


Burmese smiles are sent from our local coordinator in Myanmar. We look forward to sharing with you our new projects on site and the actions AClem wishes to undertake soon in the golden country. News to follow…

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New Project in Myanmar


Our new 3D project in Myanmar… An authentic and traditional school design for our orphans and children of the village, as well as the volunteer guesthouse. More details will be published in the coming weeks.

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Iphone pic from Myanmar…


We are looking forward for Rosario’s return from Myanmar as he will tell us more about our ongoing projects there. Stories and nice pictures will be published soon.

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Rosario inspection trip to Myanmar


In April, Rosario Boscacci, président of our foundation, will be visiting again Myanmar in  order to see the progress of projects with orphans Aloha.

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A present from Myanmar…


A gift comes to us from Myanmar … AClem’s orphans form Myanmar have sent precious drawings  to the International School pupils of La Garenne, partner of our foundation. A gesture from the heart to say thank you for the drawings they received last Christmas from La Garenne pupils, on the occasion…

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Balloons Launch La Garenne in Myanmar


A wink reaches us straight from Myanmar! During last December’s mission, the AClem orphans and our volunteer let go balloons directed to the children of La Garenne School in Switzerland (, a foundation partner, as a thank you note for the beautiful drawings they received from them last Christmas.

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