A story of people…

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Thanks to Grâce


Grâce, new AClem volunteer has been present for several weeks in Uganda. Her precious help and time allow the orphanage to restore order, tidy up, clean, build, play. The entire community of Little Angels is pleased with her presence and dedication. Thanks Grâce ?

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EKO project development in Uganda

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Uganda, by Evandro Boscacci



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Sports’ competition in Kasese, Uganda


Last August, the Director of Little Angels in Uganda informed us about the games and sports competitions within Kasese district. Orphans from Little Angels – both girls and boys – participated. Girls were in the 3rd position while the boys were the 4th in position out of 9 teams. The…

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Class pictures at Little Angels

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Mary’s day at Little Angels


“Dear Laurence, I wish to send you the photos of our children on special meals during Mary’s day as we christian believe that Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ, son of God. We always remember the day on 15th of August of every year, so we had a celebration…

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A dream has become a reality…


A dream bas become a reality through our actions in Uganda: “AClem Vocation Institute by Elephant kids Orphanage (EKO)” VIDEO  

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Thank You to “NEURONES” organisation


An immense THANK YOU to NEURONES company, and more particularly to its Director, Mr. Jeff Curcio, for his generous donation to the future vocational centre of EKO in Uganda: 20 laptops that will be used to equip the entire IT department of students.

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CBO Certificate – Uganda

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A Safari Jeep for EKO !


A new partnership between Kifaru African Expeditions Ltd. and our EKO project in Uganda is in the implementation phase. Indeed, part of the profits generated by the use of this Safari Jeep will be donated to the Elephant Kids of Uganda project. We look forward to discovering it on the…

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Final works in EKO construction…


Nice advance in our EKO project…the last final line and hopefully we can open next Spring !

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EKO…ending up with Phase 3


Finishing works at EKO with Phase 3. All should be done by September.

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A new volunteer in Uganda


Laurence, our new Swiss volunteer has well arrived at EKO and will spend a few weeks to help us in the good progress of the actions in our Uganda projects.

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Uganda mission – April 2017


Watch the souvenir movie of the most precious moments in Uganda during our April mission VIDEO

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Phase 3 at EKO – Uganda


Phase 3 at EKO – Uganda – has kicked off…

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David Baluku thanks AClem…


Our precious coordinator and friend, David, thanks AClem and all the people to contribute to the success of the project in Uganda… “The wonders of AClem Foundation in Uganda. A guest house for volunteers was completed almost two years back. A two class block with a self contained office and…

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4 volunteers in Uganda…


Relive the symbolic moments of the mission of our 4 Swiss volunteers who traveled to Uganda from 8 to 19 April. Teaching at Little Angels, games & sports days, cleaning, tidying, purchase of bed sheets, shoes, mosquito nets and distribution from our donors of 10 suitcases of clothes, toys and…

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Welcoming at Little Angels



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EKO – Phase 2 in final progress…


Watch the team work and interior finishing at EKO – Phase 2 – in Uganda VIDEO

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150 bags of Cement in Uganda…


150 bags of cement delivered today to finish phase 2 of the project “Elephant Kids of Uganda”… VIDEO

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Uganda…next mission


From April 8th to 18th, 4 volunteers from the Foundation will travel to Uganda for a new mission and various challenges to take again on the lands of the Pearl of Africa. Do not miss to follow this new adventure which will be full of emotions …

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Souvenir movie – Rosario & Tiziana’s mission


Un jolie vidéo résumant l’ambiance locale lors de la mission de Rosario et Tiziana en Ouganda en décembre dernier: MOVIE

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Words from David, our coordinator in Uganda


“Hello Rosario, Laura, Celine and well-wishers and supporters of AClem foundation. In recognition to the support you have extended towards building EKO into a model vocational centre, here attached are the recent pictures of the HALF finished class block. Many thanks for your energy and financial support. I have a…

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Works in progress at EKO – Uganda


Construction of the 2nd phase of EKO – boarding house – is in progress. This new phase is expected to be finalised in April, and then the 3rd phase – construction of classrooms and workshops – should begin.

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Rosario & Tiziana in Uganda


Rosario – Président de la Fondation – accompagné de sa soeur Tiziana se sont rendus en Ouganda au début du mois de décembre pour rendre visite à tous les orphelins d’AClem, les amis et volontaires locaux. A l’occasion de ce voyage, ils nous font découvrir leur quotidien, leurs joies, leurs…

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Thank You


“It is better to light a candle rather than to sit in the dark” – Dr. Jack Preger. On behalf of AClem, thank you for lighting a candle for all the children of the foundation (Thanks) Thanks to all of you, the future projects of the foundation are born and will…

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AClem Foundation Mission Video


“We cannot help everyone but everybody can help someone”, Ronald Reagan VIDEO

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Message from our dearest Little Angels…


“It’s my pleasure to say greetings to you, to Mr Rosario and FAMILY and to all Friends of the AClem Foundation Switzerland. After the Support of AClem Foundation in our school we are trying to build house hold income. Our school joined the Zonal foot ball and net ball competitions….

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Charity Gala Dinner


We are extremely happy and proud to announce that close to 250 persons will attend the very first AClem charity dinner. It will be held next 11th of November in Lausanne, Switzerland. We look very much forward to this colorful African-Swiss event…;) For further details, please contact us at

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News from Little Angels


Works and actions in progress done last May in Uganda had a great success and children of Little Angels are happy with the precious donations – daily hygiene kit (sandals, topante and toothbrushes, soaps) food, uniforms for the staff and the construction of the first phase of the new classroom…

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EKO friends


“Samba & Nounouille”, our companions at Elephant Kids Orphanage project in Uganda, recently welcome a new friend to help them guarding and insure safety at EKO property.

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La Garenne students somehow in Uganda…


Thank you to our partnership with “La Garenne International School” in Villars ( and to all the students for contributing to our projects in Uganda. Drawings, personal messages and hats brought from Switzerland made our orphans of Little Angels so happy. In live

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AClem in live on MESSIAH RADIO, Uganda


During May 2016 mission in Uganda, a special donation has been given spontaneously to a local family. “On our way, we crossed the distress and sadness of a local family living in very difficult conditions. The disabled grandmother, dying on the ground, shocked and affected us so much ,” said…

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Works in progress at Little Angels


Little Angels orphanage has sent us a few local pictures to show the development of the foundation base of the new classrooms building.

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“Jan-Autos” present in Uganda


Enjoy a short movie of the last AClem mission in Uganda in which “Jan-Autos” volunteers were present from 30th of April to 10th of May 2016. Movie

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Ouganda – May mission 2016


Between cotton fields and banana plantations, here we are with the Little Angels children and all AClem friends in Uganda. This new adventure marks an important symbolic point in the history of our activities here. New volunteers have joined the project and opened the house of volunteers in EKO-Elephant Kids of Uganda. As…

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Mission in Uganda coming soon


This upcoming 30 of April, Celine-our director of operations- will be accompanied by Suzanne and Guillaume, two “Jan-Autos” partners who are the latest AClem volunteers. They will donate their time and energy to the realization of AClem projects. Together, they will spend 10 days at the heart of Africa’s pearl in Uganda to…

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Elephant Kids Orphanage, Uganda


Elephant Orphanage Kids projects in Uganda is in progress. The volunterrs house is finished and  works to access water are currently underway. In May, a new mission will take place with our director of projects, Celine, accompanied by two volunteers, Suzanne and Guillaume. The three of them will inaugurate the new volunteer’s house on…

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A thank you from Uganda


Since summer 2015, fixed and monthly donations are made to the Little Angels orphanage in Uganda, for food, firewood for cooking, salaries of teachers … joy and serenity are reigning today somewhere in the village of Kinyamaseke.  

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Ungawa goats


To ensure the health of the farm”Ungawa” in Uganda (located 10 minutes from Elephant Kids Orphanage), regular medical treatment are given to them by David, local Chief of project, and also by Mawa managing the all team on site.  

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Message from the director of Little Angels


Message received from our friends at Little Angels orphanage in Uganda. We are happy to share the words of Patrick “Its another great opportunity to say greetings to you all our dear friends. Hopping this finds you upright and in the happiness of the day with the joy of friendship, love and Unity….

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HIV screening test at “Little Angels”


A few days ago, the second HIV screening test has been carried out at the “Little Angels” orphanotrophy in Ouganda.

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