Tale of Uganda

Sir Winston Churchill said that Uganda is the “Pearl of Africa”!

Located on the Eastern side of Africa, the country is surrounded by the Rift Chains and is part of the African Great Lakes. With Mount Stanley at 5,110 meters of altitude, Uganda stands like a beacon on the western side of the African continent. Its neighbors are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Tanzania. This beautiful country is outlined by mountains and lakes, which fuse together to form a multi-faceted mountainous area. The Nile Cataracts, the Rwenzori Mountains, the abundant fauna of Queen Elizabeth National Park, as well as the seven hills of the capital, Kampala, make this country the “Pearl of Africa”.

“Ungawa” is the exceptional story of a meeting in Uganda, in 2007, between Rosario, the AClem Foundation president, and David Baluku, an African tourist guide, a committed academic, and a wildlife conservationist, with the soul of an entrepreneur, and incorruptible. David and Rosario share some common passions including a love for nature and animals and a love for Africa and its people. It is therefore not surprising that they would conceive a project, which contains both these elements. “Cow Project for Children” is the fruit of this alliance, and is gradually emerging in Karambi, in the Kasese district, in western Uganda.

“AClem-Ungawa” has, among other things, 10 hectares of land, and a little farm with a herd of 90 goats and a few Ankole longhorns, a rare species, especially for the commercialization of their protein-rich milk. The main goal of this investment is to establish profit-making projects, which in the long term, will be self-financing with the farm’s revenues and its natural resources.

While on an inspection trip in 2011 and 2013, AClem has decided on a second project, the “Little Angels” orphanage, located in the small village of Kinyamaseke, at a few kilometers from “AClem-Ungawa”, housing more than 150 children between the age of 6 and 18. “Ungawa” becomes without question a financial support for “Little Angels”.

As the saying goes, “Good things always come in threes”, we were missing the last link to come full circle. We then got the prodigious idea of founding a vocational center, at only a few minutes from “Ungawa Goat Project” and “Little Angels” orphanage. “Elephant Kids of Uganda” will include a house for the volunteers and soon, children from “Little Angels” will come to learn a trade.


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