Laurence is part of AClem family

Laurence Hurter, AClem volunteer since last June, joins the foundation family spirit.

Laurence grew up in Switzerland, always dreaming of seeing the rest of the world, which brought her to live in Germany, England and Thailand. After getting her Diploma from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, she started her professional career at Nestlé in Sales Management. Active and creative, Laurence loves painting and running.

Always looking for new horizons, it was during a trip in Madagascar that she discovered her love for Africa. As a nature and adventure lover, the continent worked its magic on her instantly. In 2017, she left Nestlé to start a “Once-in-a-lifetime Adventure” driving across Africa in a 4×4 until she came across AClem Foundation in Uganda. Thus began a new chapter of supporting and living amongst the wonderful projects of AClem, first at Little Angels and EKO in Uganda, then at Aloha Orphanage in Myanmar and finally in Odile’s Bungalows in Vanuatu.

Touched by these wonderful encounters and enlightened by these extraordinary experiences, Laurence comes back with a new perspective and fulfilled by this new philosophy: “The spirit is enriched by what it gets, the heart by what it gives”.

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