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“Every journey is a musical score, where encounter and sharing make the music”, Rosario Boscacci 


Capture d’écran 2016-01-20 à 23.43.37   is the exclusive distributor in Switzerland of Bull & Stein fruit art creations of the Brazilian artist Lisa Pappon, a wink to universal art, which for centuries gave mankind the opportunity to transform nature’s gifts and to create objects in its own image; with imagination and creativity, people sculpted vases, decorated Temples and Churches with bronze statues, and used a variety of objects to seduce. From the banks of the Tigris and the Nile, through China and the Indies, this know-how allows today’s artists to create wonders with their hands.

From Adam and Eve’s “forbidden” fruit to the well-known Churchill quote “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, through toponyms such as New York’s “The Big Apple” and the “The Small Apple”, Minneapolis’ “The Mini Apple”, Toronto’s “Canada’s Big Apple”. From Snow White’s poisoning, Beatles’ music, Wilhelm Tell’s successful Swiss bet, representations of apples are innumerable and evoke the whole spectrum of human feelings.

Attica Art was born in 2012 with the aim of diversifying AClem’s fundraising efforts. With the purchase of the hand-made ceramic and porcelain fruits, contemporary art lovers can support AClem’s projects directly. AClem’s faithful partners include the hotel Beau Rivage Palace, where many fruit sculptures can be admired in the English Bar, the Restaurant Pic, on the terrace and at the boutique.

Helping the 150 orphans of “Little Angels” in Uganda and the sixty Myanmar children feed themselves, obtain an education, and cure themselves are powerful means to reconnect with one’s human core. The purchase of one porcelain apple of type “Extra” (Ø30cm) supports one full year of life (Sfr. 250) of one of our orphans.

With Attica Art, Laura and Rosario reach for that secret place where we are all still carefree children. The onlooking eye of a “giant apple” on the traffic at a busy roundabout (EPFL, Rolex Center Lausanne), the simple pleasure of standing in front of a colorful sculpture in the middle of an urban esplanade (Flon, Lausann, 2013), the natural satisfaction of admiring “fruity” figures in luxurious places, the fullness of being oneself and of constant renewal.


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