« Lighting Up Lives » par Doug Manuel

It all started 20 years ago, with elephants.

I was working on a documentary about elephants for the BBC and I went looking for them across Africa.

I fell in love with this continent. In the 20 years since I’ve travelled widely in Africa. I’ve met pygmies in the rainforest in the Central African Republic and have shared time with the world’s leading elephant scientists and their local teams in Namibia, Uganda and Kenya.

One thing was constant. Most places had no electricity.

So now Africa is developing. Fast. Electricity is coming.

But I believe it is important that the villagers themselves are in control. That they learn about their own resources so that they can earn a sustainable living installing solar panels and teaching others.

Many things matter to me. My loved ones, friends, work, my dogs … but this project is what gets me out of bed in the morning.
Join me and feel it too.
​Imagine having the power to change lives. You do. We all do, if we work together.

Perhaps you’re here because we know each other or we’ve worked together. Perhaps because you’ve experienced one of my Sewa Beats workshops or my Do You Speak Djembe? concert.

Or because you’re looking for something. A more rewarding way of being. Enrichment in your own life.

I’m sincerely delighted to see you, whatever the reason.

I’d like to think we can work together. Can we ?

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