Tale of Myanmar

A magical land of legends and secrets!

It was in March 2010, during a first trip to Myanmar, that Laura and Rosario met Malay, an exceptional local woman. Tour guide, multilingual, teacher, she is where you need her. It accompanies travelers in search of authenticity to meet its people, its culture, its joys and its difficulties. Traveling her country with compassion and humanism, she tells us about the daily life of the orphan children she meets daily on her way.

Through her gaze, her vision and her sensitivity, she communicates to us the actions to be taken. Touched by his commitment to others, his wisdom and his devotion, we decided to entrust him with a support project aimed at Burmese children, mainly orphans.

The first steps in Myanmar

In May 2010, with the help of several intermediaries, we managed to send Malay a first donation, thus improving the daily life of orphans taken in at the Buddhist temple in her village.

School fees are covered as well as the distribution of 50 uniforms, 10 bags of rice, clothes, various foodstuffs, a radio as well as a donation for the villages of Inle Lake. Malay walks to remote villages and donates clothing and school supplies, especially to the giraffe women’s community in the north where she also donates uniforms.

In an orphanage in the region, she discovers children sleeping on the floor. She then undertakes the construction of wooden beds and dresses them with mats, blankets and cushions.

In May 2014, our project manager traveled to Myanmar to meet Malay there, soak up his country’s pure gasoline and inspect the various sites. Since then, several missions have taken place to set long-term goals and implement AClem’s next actions in this magical land of legends and secrets.

The Aloha Orphanage

Wishing to contribute to the well-being of orphans and offer them acceptable living conditions and especially the hope of a better future, the AClem foundation has supported since 2014 the construction of a family house to provide a home and a family life to 20 orphans. Located in the town of Taunggyi, 20 orphans, mostly girls, grow up surrounded by their foster parents like large siblings.

They follow a normal course in government schools and Malay supports them to open the doors to university training! A great hope of success for these destinies broken from an early age.

During his missions AClem brings clothes, games, school materials and spends time with these children who like to show us their progress in English and make us participate in their songs and games.

Since February 1, 2021, Myanmar has made a comeback with the military coup. AClem continues to work with Malay who continues to educate the children from inside Aloha House; Malay also buys food for the village, which no longer has access to banks nor work. Myanmar is another forgotten country from COVID.

Inle Lake Elementary School

Inle Lake Primary School has 150 students aged 2 to 8 years old. It is located in a unique setting; on the water like the entire surrounding village. The children travel to school by local barge. Parents make a living mainly from fishing and growing tomatoes.

Although the school is government-owned, the AClem foundation has been working at Inle Lake Primary School since 2010 and has funded a number of projects there such as the separation of classrooms, the safety of the school grounds, provision of school and health equipment, renovation of toilets and the meditation place, painting of the building, distribution of school books and bags of rice.

Aloha Guesthouse

Inaugurated in October 2015, Aloha Guesthouse is a hotel establishment managed by Malay. With these few very private and authentic rooms, Malay welcomes visitors from all over the world for a stay at Inle Lake. A few minutes by bike from the center of Nyaung Shwe, this little haven of peace contributes financially to AClem’s actions in Myanmar and supports the development of projects for the orphans of Aloha.


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