Mission in Uganda coming soon

This upcoming 30 of April, Celine-our director of operations- will be accompanied by Suzanne and Guillaume, two “Jan-Autos” partners who are the latest AClem volunteers. They will donate their time and energy to the realization of AClem projects. Together, they will spend 10 days at the heart of Africa’s pearl in Uganda to help continue the development of Little Angels Orphanage, Elephant Kids of Uganda, and Ungawa ranch.

This mission has mutliple goals including the inauguration of the future School of Professions’ (EKO-Elephant Kids of Africa) guesthouse, the beginning of the second phase of the project, the addition of a classroom to the orphanage, an excursion and safari for children and volunteers, the purchase of additional goats for the Ungawa ranch, and, in particular, a photographic report lead exclusively by Guillaume and Suzanne. Latter will yield high quality visual material for the
foundation to share with donors and help its further development.

While financing projects is obviously essential to the development of our humanitarian missions, the time and passion of those who volunteer on site and and help AClem grow are invaluable…

We are very much looking forward to share with you the details of this new fabulous adventure between April 30 and May 10, 2016.

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