Ouganda – May mission 2016

Between cotton fields and banana plantations, here we are with the Little Angels children and all AClem friends in Uganda. This new adventure marks an important symbolic point in the history of our activities here. New volunteers have joined the project and opened the house of volunteers in EKO-Elephant Kids of Uganda. As usual, with time in short supply, we managed to carry out numerous tasks in a few days and we are happy to offer some great news to our donors:

The 200 Little Angels’ children participated in a safari in “Queen’s Elisabeth Park”. Upon our arrival at dawn, all animals kindly presented themselves to us: lions, antilopes, buffaloes, elephants, herons, warthogs, birds, hippos, and, even a leopard crossed our paths during its morning hunt. A magical day which no one will soon forget…
We also screened all guest orphans for malaria, HIV, and hepatitis, provided the school with shoes, clothing, toys, mosquito nets, tooth brushes and paste, books and uniforms for the teachers. A scrimmage was organized between the Little Angels and Hosana Secondary School along with a snack for more than 500 village children.

At the Ungawa ranch the herd continued to grow: there are now more than 120 goats. The purchase of 5 “Watusi” sacred cows is also planned while the pastures have been rearranged to allow for peaceful cohabitation of the species. Elephant Kids of Uganda was born and the house of volunteers welcomed us like members of the family. A moment charged with emotions after a serious effort (over a two year span), on site and remote coordination during the last missions and from Switzerland, respectively. We are satisfied with the outcome and are already looking forward to animate this site with many more volunteers. Next on the agenda is to install security to protect the property and start construction of the residential school for our future students.

Finally a particular donation has been offered to a family living in extreme poverty. We happened to cross path with a local, small family in distress and living in terrible conditions. Homeless and essentially indigent, a disabled grandmother dying on the ground upset us. The daughter tries as much as can to attend to her and to her children. Words cannot describe what we felt observing three generations of women fighting for survival in the hope of letting Grandma go in the most dignified way possible. That is when, last Tuesday, AClem decided to build a house and food to them with the help of the local community.

Each mission is an emotionally charged journey, with many unknowns and unanticipated encounters during which each minute and each dollar brings life and smiles to many children.

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