Our projects

The “Aloha” orphans

The orphans from “Aloha” are forty-eight children who have been abandoned, without water, resources, schooling or education. We met them near the city of Taunggyi, in the Shan State, some thirty kilometers from Inle Lake, which is an exclusive site in the country. Forty of them lived and studied in the monastery; the remaining eight children stayed with a relative, and went daily to the monastery to be schooled.

During the visit in May 2014, the building’s space seemed to us badly distributed and not well optimized, which suffused the place with drabness and sadness. Considering the small number of children, we wanted to give it a family feel, update the existing infrastructures, guaranty varied meals, and a first-rate teaching body. AClem financed the construction of several water tanks, daily food deliveries, school supplies, the full renovation of living quarters, the hiring of local teachers, and the creation of several after-school activities for the children. From 2015 onward, regular monthly donations cover food expenses and the staff salaries.

For reasons of comfort and logistics, the foundation is about to give a new roof to these children, close to Inle Lake on the shore of Nyaung Shwe, to improve their daily life and provide them with a future. The next missions will, we sincerely hope, successfully meet these goals.

Inle Lake primary school

Inle Lake primary school has one hundred and fifty students, age 2 to 6 years old. It is situated in unique surroundings, where children take a small local boat to get to school, in a region where parents live, among other things, on the cultivation of tomatoes.

Although it is a public school, the foundation has been helping the Inle Lake Primary School since 2010 financing a good number of projects, such as the creation of classrooms, securing a safe environment around the school, donating sanitary and school supplies, the renovation of the toilettes and the meditation area, the painting of the building, the distribution of textbooks and bags of rice.

The children of Inle Lake primary school regularly meet with the orphans from “Aloha” for a day of exchange and games.

Aloha Guesthouse

Since its opening in October 2015, Aloha Guesthouse welcomes visitors from around the world for a stay at Inle Lake. At a few minutes bike ride from the center of Nyaung Shwe, this little piece of heaven contributes financially to AClem’s missions in Myanmar, and supports the projects’ development for the orphans from “Aloha”.


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